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I’m Coach Jess! 

So that we can make sure I’m the right Coach for you, please take 2 minutes to read this before applying.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people overhaul their mind and body through coaching…without having to sacrifice the things they love most.

This is where people come when they’re sick of

👉 Being burned by ‘Quick fixes’

👉 GAINING weight from yo-yo dieting and

👉 Losing self confidence from failed attempts

This is where people come when they are ready for a permanent solution to their mind and body transformation. 

If you feel:

🫠 Frustrated with weight loss programs that don’t work.

😩 Overwhelmed with too much contradicting information

😒 Sick of going around in circles with your weight.

😑 Tired of feeling like a failure.

😤 Frustrated from lack of results.

😔 Disheartened when you look at photos and

😣 Fed up with not feeling your most confident

My 1:1 coaching program could be for you.

The best bit?

We aim to achieve your goals the easiest way possible!

A LASTING way that will help you… 

✅ Transform your body…
✅ Burn off unwanted fat…

✅ Build lean muscle…
✅ Increase your confidence…

✅ Reignite your self belief…
✅ Gain strength both physically and mentally…

✅ Love what you see when you look at yourself… and

✅ Conquer your goals once and for all…

The problem hasn’t been you. 

It’s been the BS “quick fixes” that get cleverly marketed and called programs.

🎉 The good news is you can get off the wrong path and onto the right one and that’s where I come in.

If we work together, I will meet you exactly where you’re at, we’ll discuss where you want to go and then together we will take the exact steps needed to not just get you there but get you there the easiest and most efficient way possible.

I’ll be here with you every step of the way to guide you and support you.

❌ No more backwards and forwards.
❌ No more confusion.

❌ No more time wasted.
💪 Just consistent and repeated steps forward to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

So what exactly do you get?

👉 We’ll have weekly virtual PT sessions and private coaching calls to keep your journey skyrocketing and supported from all angles.

👉 I’ll give you applicable training programs that are personalised and effective using my proven methods.

👉 I’ll help you overhaul your eating; without the use of quick fix diets that don’t work.

👉I’ll make sure you have the right tools to help make and break the habits necessary to hit your goals.

👉 I’ll make sure you have the right knowledge on exactly how many calories you need to see progress.

👉 I’ll give you simple weekly checklists to follow so that you’re never lost or confused on what to do.

👉 I’ll show you exactly where to put your time and energy so that you can use it most efficiently.

👉 I’ll help you to understand what you need to focus on and also what you simply DO NOT need to focus on.

👉 I’ll help you create a new lifestyle, getting rid of that which doesn’t serve you and keeping that which does so that you can have long lasting results.

🎉 And best of all, you will have direct access to me for any questions, concerns or doubts that might come up for you.

I’ll be here with you through it all, to make any necessary tweaks so that you remain on the right path and feel confident in your ability to achieve your goals.

Now I told you I would show you the easy way didn’t I? So guess what?

🙌 You’ll achieve your MBF transformation without:

  • Extreme training hours
  • Strict dieting
  • Cutting carbs
  • Boring cardio 
  • Sacrificing your social life or
  • Giving up your favourite foods and drinks

⁉️ So what’s the catch? Well I won’t lie, I do have a few requirements from you but they are only to make sure you get results.

I only take on new clients who are:

👉 Ready for change. If you’re not ready to open up your mind to a new method and be coached on it, do not apply.

👉 Committed. Mind and body transformation takes hard work and commitment and if you’re not willing to be committed to your cause, do not apply.

👉 Honest. I can’t help you if you can’t honestly answer questions or reply to my messages and check ins. Honest communication is a key ingredient to a successful coach/client relationship, if you’re not ready to take part in that, do not apply.

👉 Ready to put in the work necessary. This isn’t for you if you’re not willing to do things like track your food consistently or make changes with your exercise. I cannot stress the importance of this. If you haven’t got experience with this, don’t stress, we will go through it all. If you’re not ready to put in the work, do not apply.

👉 Ready to invest time and energy. Most of my clients are extremely busy. Ranging from Doctors, lawyers, parents of huge families, CEO’s and entrepreneurs with multiple businesses. We can work with a busy schedule but time and energy are still needed. If you can’t give anything towards this journey, do not apply.

👉 Ready to invest financially. This 1:1 coaching program is a premium product but you will get every cent of value in return. If you’re not ready to invest in your transformation, do not apply. The investment will vary depending upon the package chosen by you.

This is what a long term solution looks like.

This is a serious program for serious people who are tired of being stuck and are ready to action to achieve seriously good results.

If all of this sounds good to you, take a few minutes to fill out the application below. This will give me all the information I need to know if we will be the right fit to get you the mind body transformation you’re looking for.

I give my absolute best to each of my clients and only bring on those I’m confident that I can help. As a result, spots for my 1:1 coaching are limited.

Upon receiving your application, I will get back to you within 24 hours. If all looks good, you’ll receive an invite for a consultation call to make sure we’re a good fit, to go over the final details and of course to get all your questions answered.

If we’re both confident after the call that the MBF program is the right fit for you, we’ll get started on your mind and body transformation.

See you there my friend,

🤍 Coach Jess
🏋🏻‍♀️ The MBF Program