Incidental exercise, meditation and nourishing your body.

Happy 3 things time! Here are 3 things to improve your fitness, level up your mindset and boost your success – the easiest way possible!  1: Incidental exercise goes a long way. This is why standing or being active in a job is quite often beneficial regardless of the fact it’s not a ‘workout’. IfContinue reading “Incidental exercise, meditation and nourishing your body.”

Decision making.

Have you ever found yourself unable to make a decision? Decision making can be so difficult. Even the little things can be hard to make a decision on. What you’ll have for dinner, what you’ll do with your Saturday, which movie you’ll pick on Netflix or what outfit you’ll choose for the day. Quite often,Continue reading “Decision making.”

The foundation to every successful outcome.

I’ve spent the most part of a decade helping women strive for their goals and do you know what I’ve found is a key component to ensuring that strive is successful? Self belief. To me, self belief is the main marker that will determine one’s success and without it, success is virtually impossible. Believing youContinue reading “The foundation to every successful outcome.”

Rest now, win later.

”When you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.” Banksy Fatigue. It’s such a big part of life isn’t it? It controls so much if you let it. The job you have, the experiences you go on, the activities you partake in, the kids you do or don’t have and even the relationship you stayContinue reading “Rest now, win later.”

Become a decathlete of your life.

I had a great question this week which is such a common query and so I thought it valued my Friday blog. How can I possibly prioritise my health when I have so many other things to take care of? Kids.Work.Pets.Washing.Study.Cooking.Exercise.Groceries.Housework.Responsibilities. There are so many tasks asked of us and boxes that need ticking inContinue reading “Become a decathlete of your life.”

2 minutes for your health and wellbeing.

PRESENT. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha Ever find yourself bouncing between worrying about the past and planning for the future? I know I have. Our minds run a million miles an hour and finding windows of peace to bring ourselvesContinue reading “2 minutes for your health and wellbeing.”

Successful women, wellness and weight loss.

I’ve got the career, I’ve got the house, I’ve got the family, I’ve got the friends,  I just can’t seem to get my shit together with my health and fitness. Contrary to popular belief, being a successful woman, maintaining wellness and achieving weight loss are not mutually exclusive. Sure, it can be harder to focusContinue reading “Successful women, wellness and weight loss.”