Rest now, win later.

”When you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.” Banksy Fatigue. It’s such a big part of life isn’t it? It controls so much if you let it. The job you have, the experiences you go on, the activities you partake in, the kids you do or don’t have and even the relationship you stayContinue reading “Rest now, win later.”

Successful women, wellness and weight loss.

I’ve got the career, I’ve got the house, I’ve got the family, I’ve got the friends,  I just can’t seem to get my shit together with my health and fitness. Contrary to popular belief, being a successful woman, maintaining wellness and achieving weight loss are not mutually exclusive. Sure, it can be harder to focusContinue reading “Successful women, wellness and weight loss.”

Stress for the successful woman – Is it sabotaging your weight loss?

I just can’t balance it all. Work deadlines, kids sport, financial obligations, commitments to family, integrity with friends, balancing health, it’s just too much. The obligations and requirements in the daily life of a woman can become overwhelming, taxing and most of all – stressful. Stress is your body’s response to certain challenging or dangerousContinue reading “Stress for the successful woman – Is it sabotaging your weight loss?”

2 minutes for your health and wellbeing.

Stress. “Stress is not caused by your busy life or challenging circumstances, it’s simply the result of an imbalance between silence and activity.“ Jerry Thomas Stressed, overwhelmed, tired, fatigued, overstretched, pressured, I think all of us can relate to feeling one or all of these emotions at one point or another. There’s no denying theContinue reading “2 minutes for your health and wellbeing.”