My Story

My journey into motherhood and helping women change their lives.

Hey there! I’m Jess and I’m a qualified Women’s health and nutrition coach, life coach and fitness professional and I’ve been working with helping Mum’s regain their lives for close to a decade now.

I have worked with Mothers of all ages, from so many different backgrounds and circumstances and in so many different stages of Motherhood. Although I have specialised in helping Mum’s prioritise themselves for many years, where I’ve learned the most in regards to the Motherhood struggle is in my own Motherhood journey. The tears, the triumphs, the high’s, the lows and every little thing in between.

In bringing life to another, for a while there I lost myself. And let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. I had weeks of crying multiple times a day, I had days where I couldn’t see a light, I had moments of complete despair and on top of all that I had self hate for all of those feelings.

I felt like I had lost so much. Lost my time, lost my energy, lost my motivation, lost my inspiration, lost my freedom, lost my opportunities, lost my momentum and lost myself.

Society didn’t help either. Society tells us all as Mother’s that we should be giving everything to our kids. That we should be living for them, sacrificing ourselves for them, giving them every ounce of energy and effort we can. Society tells us as Mother’s that to raise our children best, we need to give up on ourselves.

Well when I became a Mother, I refused to succumb to that stigma. It wasn’t without lack of trying, however, it just wasn’t in me to fit that mould. I tried so hard to fit myself into the ‘one size fits all’ package that society has created for Mother’s but no matter how hard I tried, I just wouldn’t fit.

Instead of fitting, I just filled up with shame, sadness, guilt and after a while my pity party was beginning to look like a bad scene from a movie. I knew this wasn’t good for me and you know what else? I knew this wasn’t good for my son either.

So I got up and I started writing my own rules about what it takes to make a great Mother. I discovered in giving life to another, I didn’t need to sacrifice myself but rather embrace my new identity. I discovered that it wasn’t my job to give up everything for my son but rather show him how important it is to value your own self worth. I discovered that in letting go of the stigma’s around Motherhood that so desperately tried to bring me down, I was able to rise again. And I discovered that by prioritising me, I was prioritising my child.

Motherhood doesn’t have to keep you small nor does it mean you have to give up on your dreams. It doesn’t mean you have to come last on your list of priorities nor does it mean you can’t take time for you each week. Having a child doesn’t have to take away from your identity and your life doesn’t have to be dictated by the fact that you are now a Mum.

You can love your baby and love yourself too.

You can want your baby and want other things in life as well.

You can prioritise your baby and prioritise you Mumma.

You can be a great Mum but still go to the gym, have time to yourself, start that hobby, focus on the career, take the trip.

With an open mind, energy and effort to put into myself, I was able to reignite my spark, go after my goals and be the best Mother I could be by being the best me I have been.

My mission now is to reach mothers around the world in order to help them regain their lives. Help them overcome their battles, discover their strengths, reignite their self beliefs, and learn the lessons that help them to live their best lives yet. I want them to remember who they are, not just as Mother’s but as strong women who still have the ability to make their goals and dreams a reality. Whether their dreams include fitness, lifestyle, career, travel, whatever their goals are, my mission is to help mothers bring those goals into the light, to strive for them and to hit them.

I’m not here to replace your health care provider but rather to empower you to reach out for the resources that you need. I’m here for you to know that you are not alone in this journey and that your feelings are valid. I’m here to inspire you to regain control of your life and to remember how strong and powerful you are and just what you’re capable of. I’m here to cut through the BS that society feeds you which keeps you stuck and give you the relevant information to show you that you can move in whichever direction you want to.

If you have taken the time to read through this  ‘About me’, I encourage you to delve deep and explore a little ‘about you’. Are you open to the possibility that with a little awareness, acceptance, willingness to work hard and patience to work long, you too are able to reignite your best self?

Something to ponder,