5 minutes for a Healthier, Happier you: Simple Health & Fitness Solutions for Busy Working Mums


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What if I told you that you could be an amazing Mother, a BOSS Professional AND have time to get mind and body fit?


Helping you regain your confidence, reignite your energy levels and take back control of your habits! The best bit? You won’t even have to give up the wine! 😉

Are you a dedicated working mum who is constantly putting everyone else’s needs before your own?

The never-ending cycle of balancing work, family, and life can leave you feeling exhausted, drained and overwhelmed. You can barely find enough time to breathe let alone find time to exercise, eat well or dare I say it – take a moment just for you!

Focusing on your career whilst also building a family is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding but there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s also incredibly challenging. Whether alongside work you’re changing diapers for your newborn, doing school runs for your teen or even helping to manage the life of your adult child – you are a busy woman!

You’re constantly running on empty, just getting from one task to the next and focusing on everyone else and everything else, never getting around to focusing on YOU.

We’ll I’m here to tell you that can change Mama.

It might not seem possible but you can have an amazing career, be an incredible Mum and still have a enough left over to pour back into your own health and fitness, you just have to be open to trying.

Are you ready to break free from the cycle of burn out and exhaustion?

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📚 Discover How to: 📚

  • Prioritise Your Needs: Learn the art of putting yourself first from time to time – without the dreaded mum guilt.
  • Maximise Your Time: Uncover practical strategies to overcome time constraints and make self-care a reality.
  • Reignite Your Confidence: Rediscover your inner strength and unlock the potential to achieve your goals.
  • Regain Your Energy: Uncover quick and easy tips and tricks to find the energy you need to follow through with what you set.

Straightforward Solutions for Real Mums: No fluff, no nonsense—just actionable advice that fits into your busy lifestyle. Because we’re both Working Mums and neither of us have time to waste!

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Hi I’m Jess,

I’m a Health and Fitness Coach for busy working Mum’s who are ready to prioritise themselves again. I help them take back control of their mind and body through the breaking and building of habits so that they feel energised, empowered and excited about life again. I show them how to become the healthiest, happiest and best version of themselves in as little as 60 minutes per week and without cutting out the wine! ….So essentially I can help you get your shit together in the least amount of time and without sacrificing all of your fun! 😉

I’ve helped Mums go from burnt out and exhausted to energised and thriving, creating a positive transformation that ripples through their lives, work and families.

I’ve helped Mums progress from struggling to climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath to confidently running alongside their children in cross country events.

I’ve helped Mums shift feelings of being overweight and unworthy to nurturing unshakable confidence in both their body and mind.

I’ve helped Mums to break free from decade-long habits that put them last and helped them learn to prioritise themselves again.

I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping busy and burnt out Mum’s reclaim the energy, vitality and joy they deserve and in the process have found those things for me too.

If you’re ready to do the same, click the link below. Jx

Podcast episodes

After years of coaching working Mums who are doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, barristers, teachers and everything in between, Jess knows how to break down barriers to mind and body transformations.

Through a winning mix of short and long episodes, Jess will share how you can reignite your self belief, take back control of your mind and body and discover your healthiest and happiest self yet. The best bit? She’s going to share how you can do all of those things the easiest way possible!

Life is too complicated these days, in this space we’re going to simplify it!

You can find all current episodes above and you can follow the MindBody Fit podcast for free on Spotify, Apple podcasts and most podcast platforms.

Cruise weeks (and why you need them) Mindbody Fit

Do you have a goal that you feel you keep working towards but you're getting nowhere? Maybe you feel like you're having to restart again and again and don't know why you're not seeing any results. Well my friend, you need to be introduced to cruise weeks! If you haven't heard the term before, you're in for a treat! Cruise weeks could be just the thing that get you from working towards your goals to smashing through them!
  1. Cruise weeks (and why you need them)
  2. How to figure out what you REALLY want
  3. 10 habits that have helped me live my best life
  4. How to do the thing you’re scared to do
  5. The biggest lesson I've learnt in parenthood

Learn how to best optimise your workout, discover the power of small, consistent steps and achieve significant fitness results while juggling your busy lifestyle. Say goodbye to guilt and hello to a healthier, happier you!

Download by clicking on the book👇

I share my personal experiences & proven strategies that have helped my clients to achieve remarkable weight loss. Learn how small changes can lead to big results so that you can say goodbye to the weight that’s been weighing you down – for good!

Download by clicking on the book👇

What others say about Jess

“In preparation for my 50th Birthday I gifted myself 6 months with Jess. My goal was to feel fit and fabulous at fifty. That was the best decision I could have made, and the results of my sessions with Jess have gone far beyond my fitness expectations! Right from the outset Jess was brilliant – incredibly organised, outrageously fun and struck the perfect balance of a tough yet caring coach.” – Joanne. M ( BPhty (Hons l))

Since working with Jess I have not only achieved my physical fitness goals by losing 50 kgs, but she has helped and encouraged me to change my habits, mindset and my overall health. I began my journey with Jess wanting to achieve a happier, healthier and overall better lifestyle. It was hard to know where to begin and how to achieve what I wanted, however, after sitting down with Jess for just an hour the dreams started to seem like achievable realities. By guiding me in any and all aspects of my journey, she held me accountable in a thoughtful and empowering way, she engaged with every aspect of my life and she enriched and enhanced my journey to achieving my currently healthy and happy lifestyle. “

“Jess is a true professional, someone who genuinely inspires, encourages and engages on an individual level to understand what it is you are looking to achieve. Jess is extremely insightful and intuitive, has boundless energy and enthusiasm which is infectious, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that never ceases to amaze me. – Mary. L (Experienced Change, Organisation Development and HR professional)

“I presented Jess with a massive challenge to engage, inspire and challenge me – I was a mess. Well I’ve got to say she has more than met my expectations (these have been exceeded) and has continued to surprise me with her intuition, sensitivity and her unique interpersonal engagement skills. I have set up and maintained some great health habits and am living a better and fitter life thanks to Jess’s coaching and training. ” Julie. C

Jess presents a highly authentic self which has always made me feel safe and comfortable to talk-through, map & pursue a range of goals important to me. She is highly motivated, continuously demonstrates integrity & professionalism and has a genuine interest in helping others.” – Catherine. S (Masters of Social Work)

How I can help you

👇 Break unwanted habits 👇
👇 Find your confidence👇
👇Get active, stay active👇
👇 Lose the weight – for good!👇

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