30 days to a healthier, happier you: A simple to follow and easy to implement guide to bettering your health and creating lasting change!

Cut through the excuses, make solid commitments towards your new habits and finally start creating sustainable changes in your busy lifestyle.

Do you find yourself knowing what habits you should be changing to better your health and fitness but never really getting started? When you’re limited on time and juggle a busy lifestyle, it can be really tricky to feel motivated enough to actually ignite change.

Have you found yourself…

😴 Too tired to get to the gym?

😫 Too stressed to better your nutrition?

🤯 Too busy to stop and think about your mental health?

😰 Too burnt out to quit the 5pm wine?

😵‍💫 Or maybe all of the above?

All too often I see Mum’s working themselves to the bone to excel in their careers and in their roles as Mothers all whilst leaving themselves behind. Deep down they know what they need to do in order to get happier and healthier, whether it be to…

💪 Move more

🍎 Eat better

🍷 Drink less alcohol

🛏️ Prioritise sleep

⏲️ Implement work boundaries or

🫶 Ask someone for help

They just can’t seem to take action and stick to it so instead they find themselves stuck on the hamster wheel of life. Continuously running, getting more and more exhausted, struggling to keep up but also getting nowhere. Does this sound familiar?

Transforming your habits and reigniting your health and fitness (both mind and body) in an already busy lifestyle can seem overwhelming, however, with the right set up – it can also be incredibly simplistic. Are you ready to put an end to the cycle, take the time to put a solid plan into action and then actually ignite change?


Implement the changes needed to move you from exhausted and stressed out to energetic and back in control of your habits – you have to make a plan to get you from A to B.

💥 The 5 Myths keeping you stuck and the 5 Truths that will move you forward towards breaking and building long term habits.

💥 Revealed – how you can craft your goals to give you the best possible chance at creating change in your health and fitness transformation. 

💥 How to get out of the trap of setting commitments to change habits but never really taking action in any of them.

💥 The secret ingredient to bettering your chance of succeeding in your goal by up to 85%!

💥 Simple, actionable steps to not only help you finally move forwards with your goals but also to ensure you continue to do so when the going gets tough.

🔥 Access to a 30 day email course crafted by Jess (12 emails in total – This introduction, 10 lessons and a conclusion). You’ll receive one short lesson every 3 days so that you’re able to dedicate the short amount of time needed with each without the lessons piling up. – Value $597

🔥 A 27 Page PDF workbook to help you set out your habit goals and put a plan in place to crush them – Value $197

🔥 A 2 week habit transformation Program – Value $297

Total Value = $1091 🔥

But I want to help as many motivated Mum’s out there as possible so I’ve made this course for you absolutely FREE. It will still cost you in time though Mama and we both know that ain’t cheap, so make sure you fully dedicate this space and time for you.

It’s time for change my friend, let’s do this 👇

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for? This is relevant to any working Mum that’s looking to break or build any of her habits that are affecting her health and fitness. The skills I teach are relevant to and can be applied to women of all working capacities and number of children.

How is the course delivered? Once registered you will receive an introductory email with all the information you need. From there, you’ll receive one short lesson every 3 days so that you’re able to dedicate the short amount of time needed with each without the lessons piling up. As a working Mum, I know you’re busy with not a whole lot of free time, this course takes mind of that in each and every lesson. You will also get instant access to the PDF workbook and the 2-Week Habit Transformation PDF guide to support you to put the strategies into practice.

How long can I access the emails and PDF’s? Once registered, you will have lifetime access.

I have further questions, who do I contact? For any questions please contact jess@jessjae.com

Is there 1-1 access to Jess in this course? No, this is a self-study email course that is specifically designed to support you to easily access the shared strategies and implement them right away. However, if you would love to supplement this course with personalised support from Jess, you can view all the ways to work with her at www.jessjae.com