3 things: Resistance training, habit breaking & consistency.

Happy 3 things time! Here are 3 things to improve your fitness, level up your mindset and boost your success – the easiest way possible!  1: Resistance training is a key component in ongoing fitness. It can help improve your metabolism, increase your muscle mass, keep you functional and lower your risk of injury. IfContinue reading “3 things: Resistance training, habit breaking & consistency.”


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Hi, I’m Jess, a transformation coach and podcaster based in Brisbane, Australia. I spend most of my free time with my incredible wife and young son adventuring into new places and discovering as many new wonders of the world as I can. I like to write blogs and deliver podcasts that help empower and educate people to assist them in improving their health, wellbeing and overall – their lives. I hope these help you in some small way along your motherhood journey!

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