Slow tempo, 80/20 rule and advice giving.

Happy Monday! Here are 3 things just for you this week.

1: When trying to condition the muscles, a lot can be said for slowing down your tempo. The longer your muscles are under tension, the harder it is for them. Faster isn’t always more efficient. 

2: Depending on who you ask, ‘healthy foods’ will be completely different. One food will be great for digestion but high in sugar. Another will be great for weightloss but high in artificial additives. When on your journey to eating healthy, let go of the need for perfectionism and instead ask yourself 80% of the time, is this a healthy option for me and for what I need right now? The other 20% of the time – eat what you damn well feel like.

3: A powerful question to trigger insight: With the challenge you have in front of you, ask yourself, what advice would you give to a friend who encountered the same challenge? 

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