The power of enjoyment, your childhood and action.

Happy 3 things time! Here are 3 things to improve your fitness, level up your mindset and boost your success – the easiest way possible! 

1: You’re much more likely to follow an exercise routine if you enjoy it. If you’re struggling to stick to a routine, ask yourself, how can I make this more enjoyable?

2: When it comes to thoughts around eating, a lot is formed as a child. “Finish the food on your plate”, “Sad? Here’s a lollipop to make the pain go away”, “Be grateful and eat what you’re given”. These sayings can then lead to thoughts that you must finish what’s on your plate, sweets make pain magically go away and eat or you’re ungrateful. If you want to break an eating habit, you first need to delve into your thoughts around it.

3: Don’t get caught up in setting a to-do list that you never get to. Do the list but then choose something to take action on TODAY. More often than not, later never happens. 


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