3 things: Resistance training, habit breaking & consistency.

Happy 3 things time! Here are 3 things to improve your fitness, level up your mindset and boost your success – the easiest way possible! 

1: Resistance training is a key component in ongoing fitness. It can help improve your metabolism, increase your muscle mass, keep you functional and lower your risk of injury. If you’ve never looked into resistance training – you should. 

2: In order to break a habit you first need to bring awareness to it. Emotional eating? Smoking? Going to bed late? Before trying to break these habits, you must first become fully aware when you are falling into them. Rather than ‘roll through the motions’ this week, try to acknowledge each time your habit presents itself. Awareness is the first step in habit breaking. 

3: Consistency is better than intensity when it comes to most things in life. Don’t feel like you have to go all in on something on day 1. It’s better to give a short time daily to your goals than a long time every now and again.

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