Limiting beliefs

Beliefs come in lots of different forms, however, limiting beliefs can be described as a belief or state of mind that restricts you in some way or another.

Examples of this can be:

  • Someone that believes they can’t ever lose weight and so as a result they self sabotage and struggle to drop any kg’s. 
  • Someone that believes starting a business isn’t within their capabilities and so they never even try.
  • Someone that believes they’ll never find someone who loves them and so they ruin relationships with their insecurities.

Limiting beliefs quite often deliver self-fulfilling prophecies. Due to the belief of the limit, the limit exists but only because we’ve put it there not because it can’t be broken through. 

It’s important to know we’ve all had limiting beliefs from time to time and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to yours. However, when left unaddressed, limiting beliefs can keep us stuck in one place and never moving forward to the things we want most in life.

Have a think about any limiting beliefs you might have. Is there anything you’ve told yourself you can’tdo before? 

Can’t start the business.

Can’t make the time.

Can’t book that holiday.

Can’t join that class.

Can’t ask the question.

Can’t explore that interest.

Choose a limiting belief you hold or have held in the past and then it’s time to assess its accuracy. 

Let’s use the example ‘can’t book that holiday’.

Is it that you can’t book the holiday or that you won’t? Is it that you can’t afford it or is it that you’re not willing to pay that much for it? Is it that you can’t take time off work or is it that you feel pressured to stay? Is it that it’s impossible with young kids or you just don’t want to risk it?

More often than not when breaking down our limiting beliefs we are able to see just how inaccurate they can be. This can help us to move forward taking steps that get us closer and closer to our goal. 

Breaking down our limiting beliefs can help us to stop dwelling on not being able to strive for our goals but rather throw our energy into the right steps not just to strive for them but also to hit them. 

Don’t allow a self-allocated limiting belief to stop you from going after what you want in life. It might seem unbreakable but by taking the time to assess its accuracy and break down where and how it came about, you are able to overcome it. 

After all, more often than not, the only limit is you.


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