Personal Boundaries.

Boundaries. They’re a funny thing aren’t they? 

The word itself has a negative connotation to it, however, I’ve found in life they can be such a positive force towards overall happiness and success. 

Boundaries keep us in line with our values.

Boundaries ensure we don’t surround ourselves with the wrong people.

Boundaries keep us working towards our goals.

and perhaps most of all,

Boundaries keep us safe. 

Boundaries can look like…

Saying no when you know it’s the best decision for you.

Not checking that work email or taking that phone call at dinner.


Refusing to budge on something that’s important to you.

Though these decisions each day can seem so small, the impact of them collectively is anything but. 

Something as simple as learning to say ‘no’ to things over time can ensure you keep getting that exercise in, that you continue to eat well, that you prioritise the most important things in your life and that you’re able to stay in control. It can keep your relationships strong, your work/life balance healthy and your sleep deep! 

We literally make thousands of choices each day, some small, some large but almost all of them will have a role in either breaking or solidifying our boundaries. 

So, if you’ve found yourself feeling a little overwhelmed, stressed, lost or even just off kilter lately, maybe it’s time to ask yourself 

“What choices am I making that are breaking my personal boundaries?”


“What do I need to do to ensure they are solidifying them instead?”


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