The controllable’s

There has been torrential rain here for the last 4 days and spread across the news has been footage and stories of people losing their homes, their possessions and virtually everything that isn’t in their back pocket.

The rain was relentless and even in places close to us it was confronting seeing the water levels continuously rise knowing we couldn’t control it. 

People in Queensland couldn’t control the amount of rain that fell, or when the high tide struck, or how high the water levels would peak, however, what they did do is focus on what they could control.

They could sandbag their front door, move their valuables to higher ground, move pets, conserve drinking water, and make a plan should they need to leave their residence. The rain was out of their control, but that didn’t stop them from doing everything that was in their control to minimise the damage. 

This got me thinking about how important it is to apply this to just life in general. Sometimes things will just be out of our control. From smaller things like unrequited love or a job you missed out on to big things like a health diagnosis or a world wide pandemic. 

There will always be things that are out of our control, however, there is also always things we can do to help minimise the damage. The controllables. 

So, whatever your challenge is this week, regardless of what it is, ask yourself 

‘What is still within my control?’

Start there and help minimise your damage,


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