Decision making.

Have you ever found yourself unable to make a decision?

Decision making can be so difficult. Even the little things can be hard to make a decision on.

What you’ll have for dinner, what you’ll do with your Saturday, which movie you’ll pick on Netflix or what outfit you’ll choose for the day.

Quite often, however, with the little decisions, we know that whatever choice we make, the consequences of choosing the wrong option is minimal. When it comes to making big decisions though, this is not the case.

Will you accept that job offer?

Will you start that business?

Will you buy the house?

Will you say yes to marriage?

Will you decide to have kids?

Will you decide not to?

When making big life decisions it can be really difficult to commit to a choice because we can create catastrophic consequences in our minds.

If I take that job what if they hate me?

If I start that business what if I fail and lose all my money?

If I say yes to marriage what if it all falls apart?

If I decide to have kids what if I’m a bad Mother?

Don’t get me wrong, risk assessing big decisions is completely necessary. These choices should be thought through carefully and with time. However, when we allow all the ‘worst case scenarios’ to fill our heads, we quite often start making decisions based on fear. And not just fear, but fear of things that are extremely unlikely to actually come to fruition.

Fear based decisions give us nothing to gain. They keep us stuck, make us doubt our abilities and stop us from reaching new heights and further ground.

Decisions based on hope and possibility, however, that is where the magic can happen.

They keep us moving, force us to believe in ourselves and they ensure we are continuously growing, learning and progressing.

So if you’re stuck on making a decision and don’t know how to commit to a choice, ask yourself,

Am I making this decision based on fear or am I making this decision based on hope and possibility?

And then regardless of your answer, I encourage you to be strong in the face of fear.


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