Being resourceful.

We’ve reignited our sleep training routine this week as last week Soul started to wake 5-6 times a night again. The task of mastering these night time wakes seemed overwhelming at first, however, we both knew it was a goal we not only wanted to hit but needed to.

We discussed whether to wait until the next holidays or the next long weekend because it would be more convenient but felt getting started (even if softly) was better than not starting at all.

Once we had decided to start it was almost like half the battle was won. We looked at the resources we had; sleep suits, sleep cues, white noise, timer for intervals, each other for support, TV to distract us and best of all, a ready made sleep plan. We had everything we needed, we just needed to start using it all, so we did. 

We’re 2 nights in and Soul has gone from waking 6 times per night to just twice the last 2 nights. He’s more energetic, much happier, eating well and his day time sleep’s have also improved even further. As a result of those things, we are also more energetic, much happier and eating well also. 

My point of this for you is not that you need to start sleep training (though maybe you do 😉) but rather to be resourceful with whatever goal you have in front of you. We quite often have almost all the resources we need to achieve our goals, we just need to begin using them.

Want to be more active this year? What resources do you have to help you do that? 

A gym membership, a walking track, a swimming pool? Maybe a trainer or a friend to keep you accountable? Exercise clothes, shoes and maybe headphones? Goals can sometimes be overwhelming before you start but if you focus on being resourceful they can go from overwhelming to more than achievable in a matter of minutes.

So if you’re ready to get started on your goals but don’t know where to start, ask yourself this. 

‘With the resources I have right now, what can I do to bring me closer to my goal?’

Happy Monday!


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