The beginning of 2022

For the entire globe it’s the beginning of a New Year but here in Australia it’s also the beginning of our first exposure to mass Covid cases.

We have had the privilege in Australia of being able to go on with relatively normal life for the last 2 years as the rest of the world grapple with the virus.

2 months ago if we’d had one case of Coronavirus it was nearly enough to shut us down, now we’ve had over 100,000 in one day and most of us don’t even check the numbers anymore. Why? We’ve adapted.

Now don’t get me wrong, to put it bluntly – it’s a complete shit show out there, however, here we are continuing on keep on. Adapting to new rules each day (whether we like it or not) and finding new ways to continue moving forward in life.

Take comfort in the fact that that’s what we are built for. We’re built to adapt, to be able to continue moving forward, to be able to keep on keeping on.

I know the start of 2022 probably hasn’t been the epic beginning to a new year you envisioned, however, regardless it is still a new beginning. It is a new opportunity to show yourself what you’re made of. A new opportunity to find new strength you didn’t know you had. A new opportunity to discover more resilience than you thought possible. Some doors may close but inevitably, others will open.

Humans have stood the test of time and we will stand the test of Covid. Be strong, muster that resilience, continue to adapt and most of all – lean on each other…. Maybe just virtually though 😉


2 thoughts on “The beginning of 2022

  1. I haven’t been keeping track of the numbers too. News fatigue is a thing. I think my entire country (Malaysia) doesn’t even talk about it anymore, not even on the news. I too remember a time when 300 cases was high. Once we hit 10,000 per day it’s as if people stopped bothering. Wishing you stay safe regardless!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. We all have a limit and the news quite often is just a repetitive cycle of the same negative news. Need to know’s are good but it’s a fine line. Thank you for your safe wishes, I hope the same for you!

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