Staying stable in these uncertain times. 

Is it just me or since Covid hit does it feel like one thing after the other?

The next lockdown, the new restrictions, the latest updates, the added rules, can’t travel, can travel, masks, no masks, masks again. 

It seems like every single day we have something new to be up to date with and for most of the world, the next few years seem extremely uncertain. We can’t change the uncertainty of what’s going on around us right now, however, one thing we can do is focus in on staying stable within ourselves. 

Stability can help a person make good decisions. It can help them to keep their behaviour consistent, help them to keep long term relationships, help them to have successful careers, help them to stay consistent in their health and finances and most of all, it can help them to keep their life relatively drama free (relatively 😉). 

So if stability is so fundamental to a persons overall success, how do we bring it into our lives in such uncertain times? Here are 3 ways you can begin to make your life a little more stable!

1: The first thing you can do is probably the most simple – make it a priority! It takes a conscious decision to bring stability into our lives and focusing in on it will help you begin to improve it. Commit to yourself to stay consistent and don’t allow stability to get pushed to the back of your priorities list, bring it to the forefront and give it the space it deserves. 

2: Establish a routine. This one is super important! Though to some, routine can seem boring, it can exponentially help you gain stability in almost all aspects of your life. Work, play, exercise, relationships, health. A good solid routine is a must have if you’re looking to bring in a little more stability into your life. Think consistent bed/awake times, having regular meals, as well as setting boundaries and time frames to your activities. 

3: Don’t give anything more emotion than it deserves. This is a huge one! Ever found yourself getting so upset and cranky at something and you don’t even know why? This instability in emotions can cause a ripple effect of instability throughout your entire life. When something external happens, acknowledge it, give it emotion if it requires it but also try your best not to overreact.

Staying stable is something I think we can all improve on in these uncertain times, however, it’s not as hard as we sometimes make it out to be. Bring focus to your goal, establish a routine, try not to overreact and aim to stay consistent. Staying stable can be liberating, motivating and empowering, allow it to flow through you as you navigate through the final month of the year. 


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