Taking action and staying consistent.

Going to the gym.
Choosing the healthy option.
Starting the book.
Making the call.
Taking the first step.

These are all actions which can be the difference between achieving and not achieving our goals. We all know the word action, however, few of us give it the power that it deserves.

Action is the difference between thinking about losing weight and actually doing something about it.

Action is the difference between wanting to break a habit and actually beginning to break it.

Action is the difference between wishing for things to be different and actually making the necessary changes.

Action takes you from wishing to doing, which in my opinion, is the biggest and most vital step in achieving your goals.

Is there something you want more of? Something you want less of? Something you wish to change?

Thoughts like this are necessary for growth but they don’t get us anywhere if we don’t act on them. If you’ve been stuck with a goal, chances are you haven’t taken action. Or if you have taken action, you haven’t continued to.

Consistency outweighs intensity every time.

One killer workout in the gym is not nearly as effective as walking 3 x per week for a month.

One alcohol free weekend is not nearly as effective as cutting it down to 4 drinks per week ongoing.

One self-care day filled with massages and meditation is not nearly as effective as taking 15 minutes to yourself each and every day.

Taking action will move you from where you are, staying consistent will get you to where you want to be.


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