Trusting the signs.

I put a post up on my Instagram this week about trusting the universe. Now I know that sounds fluffy, and trust me, that’s not what I’m about. However, I have discovered over time through education and experience that there really is something to trusting the universe, trusting the world around you, trusting the process of life, or whatever it is you want to call it.

There are times in our lives where we feel lost and there are other times in our lives where we feel right where we need to be.

There are times in our lives where we feel off track and there are times in our lives where we feel very much on track.

There are times in our lives where we feel confident in our decisions and there are times in our lives where we feel uneasy about them.

What led us to these points though? Pure chance, divine intervention, or somewhere in between?

I’m a huge believer that our paths are already laid out for us when we are born, however, it’s our choices that decide which path we actually go down.

If we assume this to be true, how do we ensure the path we’re taking is the right one and not the wrong one?

We listen.

Throughout our years we are faced with big decisions and small decisions. Do we take that job offer? Buy that house? Say yes? Start a family? Buy the car? Pick that holiday? Choose that dress? Get the noodles for lunch? 😉

Big decisions and small decisions all holding a different amount of weight to each. For some of these things choosing incorrectly is not a huge issue, order the burger next time. For others, however, they can really change where we ultimately end up.

Through discovering the importance of all of my decisions it helped me look deeper, think clearer and listen harder every time a decision was laid out in front of me. In doing so I have accepted job offers, left businesses, started new ones, gotten married, travelled the world, bought a house and started a family all with the confidence that these were the decisions I was supposed to make. They have led me to incredible opportunities but have also given me the confidence to leave other opportunities not meant for me.

I have made these decisions based first and foremost on my feelings towards them, however, when that has not been clear, I have looked to subtle signs. How did this opportunity land in my lap? Did I go looking for it or did it find me? What happened for this opportunity to be able to present itself? Do I feel like the circumstances around this opportunity highlight it’s importance in my life or do I feel they highlight it’s unimportance?

Looking deeper and listening harder not only allows me to make hard decisions, it allows me to move forward feeling confident that no matter how they work out, it was meant to be. I will either be rewarded or I will learn a lesson and both of those things wil guide me on a path I’m not only supposed to be on but that I want to be on.

Whatever you call it, the universe, God, instinct, intuition…listen deeper, look further and trust the signs you are being given.


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