2 minutes for your health and wellbeing.


“Stress is not caused by your busy life or challenging circumstances, it’s simply the result of an imbalance between silence and activity.

Jerry Thomas

Stressed, overwhelmed, tired, fatigued, overstretched, pressured, I think all of us can relate to feeling one or all of these emotions at one point or another. There’s no denying the demands of life pull us in thousands of different directions day to day and ‘keeping busy’ is something we find daily in our modern lives. Finding balance can sometimes be harder than you’d think, but rather than looking at stress as an uncontrollable force, let’s reframe it and look at stress as an opportunity to review, reset, and once again find balance. If you have been feeling stressed lately, ask yourself, what cups do you need to empty a little out of and what cups do you need to fill?

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