The ‘Stop Snacking Program’

Can’t seem to gain control of your snacking?

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This program contains a 2 week coaching program dedicated to helping you break your snacking habit one step at a time! From Day 1 to Day 14, you’ll take small and actionable steps to reconnect to your body and regain control over your eating.

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The ‘Stop Snacking’ program is entirely self coached by you and will be digitally emailed to you on purchase!

Meet the Founder

I’m Jess, your Mindbody Fit Coach!

In my own fitness journey, I’ve tried just about everything you can think of! From chronic dieting, overtraining, disordered eating and long bouts of intense (and miserable) cardio but never really feeling good after any of it. That was until I discovered something that changed my life forever…

Mind and body fitness is far simpler than you think!

You don’t need any crazy workout routines nor any strict diets. In fact, most of the success with health and fitness transformations is found with the inner work. The breaking and building of habits, the deep dives into what you do and why you do it and the big and small mindset shifts. Combine this with a structured strength training program and optimal nutrition and Voilà – you’ve found the perfect recipe for ongoing mind and body fitness!

It’s the secret I’ve discovered in creating a holistic plan which covers fitness, nutrition AND mindset that can take you from where you are now to where you want to be!